Friday, November 14, 2008

Fairytale Town

Me and some of my local moms' group took a trip to a local park called Fairytale Town, Kyle had a great time!

This is his "scared" look! He was sitting on a really big throne

Getting ready to go down the Mother Goose slide

Just a cute picture of him!

He was fascinated with this Water pump!

It was hard to get him to share with the other kids, he liked it so much! LOL!

Having a snack on Cinderella's coach

He hung out in this too!

The Three Little Pigs

Or shall we say Three "Big" Pigs!

I thought this was a cute structure

Kyle wouldn't go down this slide...just too high for him.

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traveler0000 said...

These pictures are great! It looks like it was such a fun trip - I'm even tempted to add it to the list of places I'd like to visit :)