Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preschool Harvest Party

Kyle's preschool had a Harvest party, they helped make vegetable soup, rice krispies treats, carved pumpkins, frosted cookies, did carmel apples, and had alot of fun!

Kyle likes to play most of the time!

Here's the teacher singing the "Days of the Week" song

Kyle sits well when the teacher is teaching

The kids had a fun time unwrapping the caramels

We had to make sure the caramel was cooled

Kyle trying some caramel apple dippers

Rice Krispies treats! Kyle wouldn't touch these..I guess they were too sticky!

Here are some of the vegetables cut up for the soup

Yum!! Harvest Soup! (not too many of the kids ate it!) LOL!

Kyle frosting his cookie

Look at all of the yummy cookies!

They taste good! Kyle trying to be careful not to get any frosting on his hands!

Playing pin the nose on the scarecrow

Kyle being silly outside!

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