Sunday, August 24, 2008

More pictures from Vegas - scenic and more

Here are a few Pictures from out and around the Las Vegas Strip, the ever changing weather made the picture taking challenging.

This was the view out of my hotel window..not bad.

This was taken through the window at the Lion Habitat at the MGM Hotel

Statue of Liberty outside of New York New York

New York New York at night

One of the Jackpots that me and my HS friends won while we were in Vegas!

Just a couple of views of a neat car outside of Planet Hollywood

Another Night view of Las Vegas

The Eiffel Tower outside of the Paris Hotel

The Paris Balloon

A pretty fountain

Another view of the Eiffel Tower

The Harley Davidson Cafe

I just had to take pictures of these Star Wars Slots! LOL!

The Strip at Dusk

The strip after the sun goes down

The Excaliber Hotel

The MGM Lion

Another of the Statue of Liberty at New York New York at dusk.

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Lisa said...

Beautiful pics A!!!!!