Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meetup Mayhem

Well not really..Me and a few professional and non professional photographers got together in Old Town Elk Grove to practice shooting eachother and playing with Off camera flash. It was alot of fun!!

Here is most of our group shooting me shooting them!

Setting up

I thought this was a neat shot of Hassib shooting Carlos
My blue sky shot of Carlos

I think this one turned out well too.

I love how this one converted
Hassib and Jenn

I love how I got the amber background to show up.

And I thought this was a neat conversion too

Carlos and Jenn in front of the train

Carlos and that darn camcorder! LOL!
And finally our favorite Model Hassib!

I should of put a caption in the lens flare! It sure looks like he is thinking about something!


Vicki Kr. said...

You took some really great pictures!!! It was lots of fun shooting with you, and looking forward to the next time!!!!

Carlos Rivera said...

Girl you made me look good!!!!. I love the colors and your image composition. You are a good photographer and such a fun person to shoot with. Thank you for playing, sharing and learning with me and I hope to continue to grow with you. Your Friend Carlos

Maggie said...

#'s 3,4,5 so rock! Love the touch of blue and the conversion in the night shot.


Amanda said...

Those are GREAT Annette! You are so talented!!!

I love what you've done with them on photoshop too!!!