Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Prom Time!

Before Makeup

The Shoes

The dress

Makeup Time!

Such Concentration!

The Hair

The earrings

Oh my god they're so heavy!

Steph and her big sis!

Best Friends!

The date

The best friends and their dates

The guys!

The girls!

The Party Bus!!


Missie said...

OMG she looks so gorgeous. Wasn't so sure about the dress when i saw it on the hanger photo, but it is SOOOOO beutiful on, and she just outshined every one of those girls! Glad to see new photos posted - i thought you were on haitus! hahaha. Hope it was a fun night for her!

Missie said...

i meant beautiful- i can spell - really - i was just typing too fast! LOL

JamieScott said...

Beautiful!!! Looks like fun!!!!

Amanda said...

OH.MY.GOSH. Your children are SO photogenic. And you are getting so great at taking their pictures!!!

How beautiful!

Sher Johnson said...


as always ;)