Friday, March 28, 2008

Just some Park pictures

A penny for his thoughts...

Silly face!

Just a bump on a log!

What's over there?

Oh Hi mom!

Okay that's enough pictures mom! LOL!


Da Plane!

These two were taken by my Photographer friend.
Mommy N Me!

Such a big boy now!


Yvette said...

Cute photos and kid!

Lisa said...

one can never get enough cute photos of little ones. these are great, and my favorite was the silly photo, with the mommy n me photo a close 2nd. he's soooo cute.

i hit 'next blog' and was wowed by these photos... I'm glad i did.

Heather said...

GREAT pictures! The one of the two of you is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Love these pictures! He's becoming a regular model, LOL.

I love the one of you and him- at first I thought it was your daughter!!!

Vanessa said...

such good pictures!! Those big brown eyes just mesmerizing!