Friday, April 13, 2007

Day Thirteen - Kyle's first Lollipop!

Met with a Shuttermom from Cmoms, it was a blast! Kyle had his first lollipop today! Only sucked on it for a little while.


Sher said...

looks like he isnt quite sure of the taste!!

who did you meet!?!?


Maggie said...

Yes who did you get to meet? I love the way you used the rule of thirds.

JesstephKylesmom said...

I met with Caryn from my Shuttermom group on was alot of fun!!

Anonymous said...

lol he's not quite sure what to think.

Heather said...

LOL What a cute guy!

Eikon Photography said...

I'm cracking up, I am just now getting back to your blog here and keep seeing pics from our treks out to the parks!! Yeah!

We REALLY need to do this again... when it's NOT raining!

Great images out here, Annette!